Pure at any degree
How long does it take to make chai?
5 minutes, right?
How long does it take to make kulfi?
1 hour? 3 hours? Maximum, one day, right?
When your intention is to make the best chai and the purest kulfi
there is, it takes time.
Sometimes 18 months, like in our case.
Time well spent, we’d say.
It all started when we got into the business of kulfi making. And
quickly realised that what was being made wasn’t kulfi. We were
mixing artificial flavours, essence, colours and preservatives. And
calling it kulfi.
We asked ourselves, how can anyone eat this?
Don’t people deserve pure?
When we saw little children having these adulterated kulfis, we
decided to make it our business to make pure kulfi. And our love for
all things dairy meant we had to make chai too.
Who doesn’t love chai?
With the vision to bring the purest kulfi and chai to the world, we
spent 18 months learning and unlearning.
We discovered many shortcuts that could have helped us save a ton
of money and effort. We promptly threw them away. After building
relationships with vendors who would give us great quality and not
just discounts, spending time learning the recipe, sourcing the
purest of ingredients from places we’d be proud to share with the
world; we finally learnt the art of making kulfi and chai that hit all the
right notes.
Today, we are proud to present ourselves to the world.
We are Kulfi Chai.
We are in the business of purity.
All our products come from a place of love. And in-depth research
and understanding, of course.
You can choose to bite into a cold and refreshing kulfi, or take a sip
of that hot cup of fresh tea.
Hot or cold, remember you’ll be indulging in your right to purity.
Because we are Kulfi Chai.
We serve purity at any degree.