Unmatched quality in everything we do!

We have travelled across the oceans to bring you the best in class products that improve your quality of life.

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What’s unique about ships? Those big chunky pieces of metal floating around transporting goods and people around all the time?

They have been vital to the growth of our civilization and for thousands of years, they have helped us transport knowledge and goods all across the world.


The Quest For Quality

Times have changed of course.

Now it’s easier than ever to travel the oceans.

If you know a thing or two about the new ship era, then you know the quality of products inside are of the highest standards possible.

And we happen to be supplying products to ships since 1932.

We have covered over 44 ports across India and the Middle East.

So you know, quality is embedded in our DNA.

That’s how Minar Webstore was born.

To open a world of exclusive best in class products to improve your Quality of Life.